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Junior can take Gold sprint

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


The weather holds the key to the feature Sian Gold Sprint today at Santa Rosa Park, Arima, when First Citizens Bank will sponsor the first day of racing for the Arima Race Club’s (ARC) 2013 season. 
The Grade Two event is scheduled for the turf but with the inclement weather, the race could be shifted to the main track. 
The Maniram Maharaj-owned and trained course and distance record holder Fly Junior will be difficult to peg back in this event once the race stays on the turf. With his weight of 51.5 kilos it will take an outstanding performance by one of his rivals to topple him. On the form book none can. 
On the other hand, Signal Alert, the Stewards Cup runner-up will take the $90,000 first prize cheque once the race is taken off the turf. There is nothing that can live with this thoroughbred over 1,100 metres on the main track. Based on the Stewards Cup form, he has no rivals once the race is one the main track. 
Should the Grade Two race remain on the turf, there will be only one winner—Fly Junior. Expect the turf specialist Treasure Each Day which has been laid out for this by John O’Brien to follow him home. 
On the main track, Sacred Trust and King Whistler will follow Signal Alert home in the $150,000 purse event. 
In the co-feature First Citizens First Sprint over 1200 metres which is open to three-year-olds, Merlin Samlalsingh’s two entrants, Slewjero and Star Entertainer, will be well supported in the market. 
However, the John O’Brien-owned and trained Black Genius is the one to beat under Nobel Abrego. 
In the other feature, the Stud Farm Association Trial Stakes for three-year-old native bred maiden horses which passed through the yearling sales in 2011, there will be 16 going to post, with St Ann’s Stakes second and third placed finishers Heidi Tzippi and Salome throwing down the gauntlet to O’Brien’s duo of Hyatt Princess and Gold Rush. 
Heidi Tzippi is the one they will have to beat. 
Post time is 11 am.
First Citizens New Year’s Day Card
R1: 11:00AM - WI BRED 4 Y.O. & OVER MAIDENS - 1,100M 0 $32,000 
805 1 Martha L Alexis/R Jadoo 55.5 Chance
--- 2 Spectacular Return R Stephen/R Jadoo 58 Galloping well
505 3 Red Howler C Roberts/N Flavenney 53 Must improve
868 4 Young Dinaro R A Dube/Y Cristalino 41.5 No form
4R4 5 Dial A Prayer M Maharaj/K Razack 51.5 In and out
478 6 King Of Siberia E Miller/D Gopie 58 Outside shot
745 7 Sixth Street M Maharaj/G Laban 53.5 Ready
552 8 Spider Lady E Miller/S Rodrigo 55 Will go close
833 9 Red Cloud R A Dube/N Abrego 58 Chance
R2: 11:40AM - WI BRED 3 Y.O & OVER HORSES RATED 40 - 0 - 1,350M - $32,000:
800 1 Angelica Jane H Chadee/A Whitehall 58 One to beat
761 2 Fire N’ Faith R A Dube/S Rodrigo 55 Repeat
645 3 Vijayanti F De Freitas/D Butcher 55.5 Chance
382 4 Mary’s Girl Chile Dr A Griffith/N Flavenney 58 Will go close
645 5 The Conqueror M Maharaj/K Razack 49.5 Big shout
126 6 On My Own R A Dube/R Hernandez 54 Don’t trust
395 7 Thisisit J O’Brien/K Khelawan 58 Will go close
580 8 Seal The Deal R Stephen/B Pahal 58 Chance
234 9 Precious Diamond L ALexis/D Khelawan 54 Speedy
837 10 Finch K De Freitas/S Samuel 57 Shot
045 11 Van Percy L Alexis/E Ramsammy 56 Ready
684 12 Wildwildwes K De Freitas/S Jadoo 58 In and out
R3: 12:20PM - 3 Y.O & OVER HORSES RATED 45 - 0 - 1100M (TURF) - $33,000
307 1 Agra M Maharaj/J Arneaud 56 Chance
244 2 Schyler’s Gold Dr A Griffith/R Hasranah 51.5 Ready to win
369 3 Cover You Donkey M Carew Jnr/N Patrick 57.5 Can take this
224 4 Nothing Left M Maharaj/G Laban 58 One to catch
511 5 Bonnie H Chadee/A Whitehall 54 Ready
479 6 Zahawi L Alexis/S Jadoo 57.5 Needs further
498 7 Satya Treasure S Jardim/R Hernandez 58 In tough
992 8 Danzig's Day M Maharaj/K Razack 47 Needs further
819 9 Peppermint J O’Brien/B Boodramsing 55 In and out
666 10 Hesuntouchabull R Stephen/R Rajkumar 58 Good sort
722 11 Princess Jo Ann Dr A Griffith/S Samuel 56.5 Running on
456 12 Prados Wells E Miller/S Rodrigo 56.5 Outside shot
606 13 Renewed Dream R Stephen/B Pahal 54 Chance
485 14 Precious Lilly Dr A Griffith/R Ali 55.5 Can surprise
69R 15 Glittering Gold S Khan/N Flavenney 55.5 In tough
R4: 1:00PM - 3 Y.O & OVER HORSES RATED 85 - 65 - 1,350M - $48,500
758 1 Loan Shark D Benette/K Khelawan 55.5 Can surprise
248 2 Onetokeep J O'Brien/B Boodramsing 54.5 Ready
146 3 Becquerel R A Dube/N Vargas 54 Will be around
263 4 Lang Amour D Ojar/D Khelawan 55.5 Running on
587 5 Blackstone Street M Maharaj/J Arneaud 58 Running on
125 6 Nettoyer H Gobin/N Patrick 52.5 Chance
476 7 Perfection Plus T Thomas/G Laban 51.5 No form
111 8 Onefortheroad D Mosca/S Rodrigo 56.5 One to beat
577 9 Believe It Or Not M Maharaj/K Razack 52.5 Lost form
623 10 Slippery Sam D Mosca/E Ramsammy 58 Chance
641 11 Joezel G Mendez/P Badrie 55.5 Likes grass
3978 12 Wild Shuffle T Thomas/D Butcher 52 Running on
R5: 1:40PM - FIRST SPRINT (GR. 11) - 1,200M - $150,000
--3 1 Slewjero D Mosca/E Ramsammy 56.5 Must go close
--- 2 Stormy Frontier H Gobin/S Samuel 56.5 Galloping well
--2 3 Key Chain T Thomas/S Ellis 54.5 Respected
--- 4 Immortal Flame C Roberts/J Arneaud 54.5 Must improve
--5 5 Golden Enchantment S Jardim/R Jadoo 54.5 Can surprise
--- 6 Black Genius J O’Brien/N Abrego 56.5 Highly regarded
--- 7 Star Entertainer D Mosca/S Chadee 56.5 Chance
--2 8 It Is Alleged D Mosca/R Ali 56.5 Must go close
R6: 2:20PM - 3 Y.O & OVER HORSES RATED 55 - 35 - 1,350M - $36,400
109 1 Sam’s Selection S Ferreira/K Razack 55.5 Outside shot
795 2 Consideritdone S Ferreira/K Khelawan 55.5 Running on
273 3 Lady Sage R A Dube/B Pahal 57.5 Speedy
221 4 Luna Divina S Ferreira/D Khelawan 55.5 Repeat
438 5 A Great Moment H Chadee/A Whitehall 55.5 Outsider
338 6 Bandwagon T Thomas/S Rodrigo 57 Can take this
218 7 Damage Control Dr A Griffith/N Abrego 55.5 Will go close
663 8 Grand Slam K De Freitas/S Samuel 58 Speedy
209 9 Visible Wind C Roberts/N Flavenney 55.5 No form
515 10 Sweetie Jan H Gobin/P Badrie 56 In and out
095 11 Super Sonic J Lyder/N Patrick 58 Can surprise
141 12 Nature’s Reality Dr A Griffith/N Vargas 56.5 Repeat
256 13 Best Defence C Roberts/D Butcher 54 Chance
214 14 Really Classy S Jardim/R Hernandez 57.5 In tough
823 15 Pacman L Alexis/E Ramsammy 58 Ready
-11 16 Ramblin’ Rose G Mendez/R Jadoo 58 The winner
599 17 Cordell Walker H Gobin/S Ellis 55.5 Outside shot
R7: 3:00PM - 3 Y.O & OVER HORSES RATED 60 - 40 - 1,100M - (TURF) - $40,000 
152 1 Nawab J W-Samaroo/K Khelawan 57.5 Will go close
224 2 Lookin At Lovely T Thomas/S Rodrigo 55.5 Outsider
207 3 Destiny Train R Stephen/B Boodramsing 51.5 No form
070 4 Sea Gold J Lyder/N Patrick 56 Will go close
875 5 Dazzlin H Chadee/N Vargas 58 Ready
910 6 Golden Flight M Maharaj/R Hernandez 57.5 In and out
474 7 Taste Of Texas H Chadee/A Whitehall 58 Chance
309 8 Actin Time C Roberts/P Badrie 55.5 Nothing
462 9 Island Star J O’Brien/B Boodramsing 56 Will go close
511 10 Enigmatic G Mohammed/D Khelawan 51 Likes turf
473 11 Invictus M Carew Jnr/S Ellis 58 Speedy
457 12 D’ Last Flight M Maharaj/E Ramsammy 58 Chance
711 13 First Encounter D Mosca/S Chadee 56.5 Respected
3-- 1 Hyatt Princess J O’Brien/B Boodramsing 54.5 Respected
-52 2 Heidi’s Tzippi R A Dube/P Badrie 54.5 One to beat
--- 3 Gold Coin K De Silva Jr/N Abrego 56.5 Outside shot
033 4 Hannah’s Champion T Thomas/S Ellis 54.5 Outsider
-50 5 Atlantica J O’Brien/K Khelawan 54.5 In tough
-33 6 Salome D Bennett/S Rodrigo 54.5 Will go close
--- 7 Won’t Stop Now I Danglade/R Hernandez 54.5 Newcomer
--0 8 Advantage Them K De Freitas/D Khelawan 54.5 Outsider
-20 9 Settle D Score S Khan/N Flavenney 54.5 Can rebound
--6 10 Uncle Max D Mosca/S Chadee 56.5 Will improve
--4 11 Measured Response S Khan/K Balgobin 56.5 Can surprise
--9 12 Sapphire D Bennett/R Jadoo 54.5 No form
--5 13 Release D Beast D Mosca/R Ali 56.5 Can go close
--- 14 Iconic H Gobin/N Patrick 56.5 Debut
--2 15 Cold Rush J O’Brien/E Ramsammy 56.5 Will go close
-60 16 Ramgalba P De Freitas/R Rajkumar 56.5 Outsider
R9: 4:20PM - SIAN'S GOLD SPRINT - 1,100M -(TURF) - $150,000
215 1 Fly Junior M Maharaj/K Balgobin 51.5 Will win on turf
163 2 Sacred Trust J W Samaroo/E Ramsammy 55 Chance
213 3 Curfew Breaker D Bennett/P Badrie 49.5 Ready
316 4 Just Call Me Roger G Mendez/N Abrego 55 Needs further
564 5 King Whistler J O'Brien/R Hasranah 51.5 Good on main
377 6 Smart American H Chadee/A Whitehall 53.5 Speedy
412 7 Signal Alert G Mendez/R Jadoo 56.5 Will win on main
144 8 Treasure Each Day J O’Brien/B Boodramsing 53.5 Chance turf
526 9 Raging Halo J O’Brien/N Patrick 55 Defending champion
R10: 5:00PM - 3 Y.O & OVER HORSES RATED 70 - 50 - 1750M - $43,000
483 1 The Big Squeeze M Carew Jnr/S Ellis 57.5 Must go close
680 2 Big Boy Jordan G Mendez/P Badrie 51 Disappointing last
256 3 Undulation T Thomas/D Butcher 58 In tough
600 4 Alexander H Chadee/A Whitehall 53.5 No form
541 5 Edmundo L Alexis/R Hernandez 54.5 Repeat
135 6 Mike’s Sugar F De Freitas/R Ali 54 Can surprise
421 7 No Just Cause G Moahmmed/N Abrego 55 Will be around
264 8 Frankenstein D Mosca/N Vargas 56 Chance
319 9 Santa Rosa Boy R A Dube/E Ramsammy 56 Big shout
291 10 Pistons And Rings J O’Brien/K Khelawan 57.5 One to beat
783 11 Personal Exchange L Alexis/N Patrick 54.5 Ready
928 12 The Red Skull G Mendez/B Boodramsing 55 Running on
526 13 Malibu Heights R A Dube/D Khelawan 53.5 Can surprise


Kelvin ‘N’
Star-bet: R9: (Turf) Fly Junior (1) Alt: (Main) R9: Signal Alert (7)
R1: Martha, Spectalcular Returnm Spoder lady
R2: Thisisit, Angelica Jane, Van Percy
R3: Nothing Left, Agra, Bonnie, Princess Jo Ann
R4: Onefortheroad, Nettoyer, Loan Shark
R5: Black Genius, Key Chain, It Is Alleged
R6: Ramblin Rose, Sweetie Jan, Bandwagon, Luna Divina, Consideritdon
R7: Dazzlin, Invictuts, Taste of Texas, Nawab
R8: Heidi Tzippi, Salome, Gold Rush, Hyatt Princess, Reease D Beat
R9: Fly Junior, Signal Alert, King Whistler, Sacred Trust
R10: Pistons and Rings, The Big Squeeze, Santa Rosa Boy, Undulation, Frankenstein
Dancing Brave 
Star-bet: R10 Undulation 
R1: Young Dinaro, Spider Lady, Red Cloud, Spider Lady
R2: Wildwildwes, Seal the Deal, Vijayanti, Finch
R3: Satya Treasure, Zahawi, Peppermint, Prados Wells
R4: Blackstone Street, Perfection Plus, Onefortheroad, Joezelm, Wild Shuffle
R5: Star Entertainer, Immortal Flame, Key Chain, It is Alleged
R6: Sam’s Selection, Luna Divina, A Great Moment, Pacman, Ramblin Rose
R7: Nawab, Invictus, D’Last Flight, First Encounter
R8: Gold Rush, Release d Beast, Sapphire, Salome, Uncle Max
R9: Signal Alert, Sacred Trust, Treasure Each Day, Raging Halo
R10: Undulation,  Edmundo The Big Squeeze, The Red Skull, Alexander
The Mechanic  
Star-bet: R10 The Big Squeeze 
R1: Red Cloud, Spider Lady, Young Dinaro, Dial A Prayer
R2: Van Percy, Precious Diamond, Thisisit, Seal the Deal
R3: Nothing Left , Princess Joann, Bonnie, Danzig’s Day
R4: Nettoyer, Onefortheroad, Blackstone Street, Joezel, Wild Shuffle
R5: Black Genius, Slewjero, Key Chain, It is Alleged
R6: Ramblin Rose, Luna Divinia, A Great Moment, Pacman, Super Sonic
R7: Nawab, First Encounter , Invictus, Enigmatic   
R8: Release d Beast, Settle d Score, Measured Response, Hannah’s Champion, Iconic
R9: Signal Alert, Sacred Trust, Fly Junior, Just Call Me Roger
R10: The Big Squeeze, The Red Skull, Pistons and Rings, No Just Cause , Mike’s Sugar
Eddie A
Star-bet: R1 Martha
R1: Martha, Dial A Prayer, Red Cloud.
R2: This Is It, Mary’s Girl Chile, The Conqueror.
R3: Danzig’s Day, Nothing Left, Bonnie.
R4: Slippery Sam, Onetokeep, Nettoyer, Onefortheroad.
R5: Slewjero, It Is Alleged, Key Chain.
R6: Nature’s Reality, Pacman, Ramblin Rose, Bandwagon.
R7: Nawab, Taste Of Texas, Enigmatic.
R8: Gold Rush, Hyatt’s Princess, Seattled D Score, Heidi’s Tzippi.
R9: Signal Alert, Fly Junior, Just Call Me Roger.
R10: Pistons And Rings, No Just Cause, The Big Squeeze, Santa Rosa Boy.
The Watcher
Star-bet: R2 The Conqueror
R1: Martha, Spider Lady, Red Cloud, Young Dinaro.
R2: The Conqueror, WildWildWes, This Is It, Mary’s Girl Chile
R3: Peppermint, Satya Treasure, Princess JoAnn, Danzig’s Day 
R4: Believe it or Not, Wild Shuffle, Loan Shark, One for The Road, Becquerel
R5: Key Chain, Slewjero, It Is Alleged, Immortal Flame 
R6: Ramblin Rose, Best Defense, Luna Divina, Cordell Walker, Bandwagon
R7: Invictus, Nawab, Looking at Lovely, Taste Of Texas
R8: Release D Beast, Heidi’s Zipper, Hannah’s Champion, Settle D Score, Measured Response
R9: Fly Junior, Curfew Breaker, Sacred Trust, Smart American
R10: Frankenstein, Big Boy Jordan, Edmundo, Pistons and Rings, No Just Cause 


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