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Suspect charged in Manzanilla murder

Monday, December 18, 2017

A 60-year-old handyman and PH driver of Plum Road, Manzanilla has been charged with killing a 44-year-old mother of two, wounding her 18-year-old daughter and several gun-related offences.

Senior police officers said yesterday they received instructions from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution late Friday to charge the man with murder, four offences of wounding, shooting with intent, shooting to endanger lives, possession of a firearm and ammunition and discharging a firearm 40 metres from a road.

He is expected to appear before a Sangre Grande magistrate today.

Savitri Narine was killed and her daughter, Nirrmalaa and three other people were injured after the suspect opened fire at Bobby’s Bar on Plum Road, Manzanilla on December 9.

Bar owner Bobby Ramsaran, a relative of the murder victim, and patrons Kurt Browne and Ivan Mc Kenzie were also injured in the attack. They were all treated and discharged. The suspect surrendered to the Manzanilla police the day after the incident.