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Three to be charged for water protest in Maloney

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Three people are to be charged with obstructing the free flow of traffic following a protest along the east-bound lane of the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway in Maloney yesterday, the Police Service has stated.

Around 8 am yesterday, residents from Maloney Gardens protesting water woes in their area blocked off a portion of the highway and other streets inside their community, including Flamingo Boulevard.

Discarded Appliances and other debris were thrown on to the roadways.

Vehicles using the affected roadways were unable to proceed.

Police responded to the situation and cleared the roadways and arrested several people. Around noon, the area was declared safe.

Several Maloney residents also gathered along the roadside and clapped and chanted for the return of a regular service of pipe borne water to the area.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Jacob and Snr Supt Daniel along with a contingent of officers from the Northern Division were on the scene.

People can express their opinion but not in a way that's illegal—MP

Arouca/Maloney MP Camille Robinson-Regis arrived on the scene around noon to listen to the residents’ woes.

Speaking to the Sunday Guardian after, she said “Wasa had sent water trucks to the area, I understand when trucks came some residents turned back the trucks.

“It makes me a little concerned about that, but I understand the anxiety. I was disappointed that they felt that they had to protest because it was not necessary.

“But people have a right to express their opinion but not in a way that is illegal, so I can’t condone an illegal action.”

She said she gave out her cellphone number to several people in all parts of her constituency which included Maloney, Bon Air, Trincity and Arouca to call in case of emergencies.

Robinson-Regis said she did a walk every Sunday morning and Thursday in some parts of her constituency and that she was approachable.